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Attendee at Conference workshop

“ I really enjoyed participating and was inspired by your knowledge and enthusiasm”.

C and her young family:

“Fiona’s support has been invaluable to our family and I cannot thank her enough. I highly recommend her for children and adults”.

F in her thirties:

“Our work began when I could feel myself sinking deeper by the day. Thanks to your encouraging support, patience, insight and guidance, I've managed to make some peace with the past, learned to deal better with the present and face the future with less anxiety. The therapist/patient relationship we've established has worked beyond expectations for me. Many heartfelt thanks to you.”

P in his sixties:

“Many thanks for guiding me out of the forest. I put it down to your kindness, expertise and in the ways that you coerced and helped me to understand why- how- and what”.

L in her forties:

“You have turned my life from a very dark and lonely place to a place of peace and rainbows”.

10 year old girl:

“Thank you for helping me try to be brave and not be afraid. I feel like you've made me a bit stronger and I'll always remember what you've told me.”

R and her teenage family:

“With her guidance, support, empathy, understanding and help my daughter is in a much happier place, more confident and less anxious. We were at our wits’ end and Fiona turned things around. We are all so grateful.”

11 year old boy:

“Fiona was there for me when I needed her most. With her help and belief in me I was able to change and become who I really am”.

Counselling Diploma Student:

“ today we had our psychodynamics module and I want to compliment the college on the choice of lecturer. Fiona was a delight! I can safely speak for my group to say we had a brilliant day. She delivered her material in a humble, consistent and clear way. She included us, added a healthy and safe dose of self and I came away feeling inspired. She did it with grace and style”.

10 year old boy:

“She is like magic, my Fairy Godmother”.

Trainee Counsellor

“I can only dream to become as skilful, insightful, empathic and potent as you one day”.

M in his forties

“I would like to say thank you for your support and help. I feel a lot better now and can control my anxieties better. “

Mother of teenage girl

“I have to say she is a changed girl!! She is calm, thinks before she gets cross and is able to let go of negative things. “

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